I teach modules, and run training, across three main areas:        

  • Conflict Mediation and Group Dialogue       

  • Narrative approaches to Biblical Texts

  • LGBT lives and stories.


Conflict Mediation and Group Dialogue

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict modes
  • Intersecting narratives in the Irish conflict.
  • Group conflict
  • Dialogue and Mediation
  • Project development and assessment
  • Narrative methods for peace building.
  • Models of groupwork for post-conflict peace projects.

Narrative approaches to Biblical Texts

  • Narrative approaches to the gospels
  • Faith and Justice
  • The character of Jesus across the four gospels.
  • Distinctions within each gospel text.
  • Narrative approaches to the Hebrew bible.
  • The role of the marginalised in the gospel texts.

LGBT lives and stories.

  • Mediative approaches to LGBT dialogue.
  • Disagreeing agreeably about LGBT lives and stories.
  • The place of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people within the Faith Community.
  • LGBT people and the bible.
  • Bible readings and LGBT lives.