View from Corrymeela across to Rathlin Island.

View from Corrymeela across to Rathlin Island.

So much of the Christian narrative centres around the body, the table and the community. Retreats are a wonderful way to pay attention to the body, to enjoy the kindness of both silence and company and to enjoy good food together. Retreat work is among my favourite work. Previous retreats include residential retreats, day-long retreats,or 'retreating in the city' - a non-residential retreat run over 4-7 sessions in a city location. If you're interested in arranging a retreat together, fill in the details below.


Previous Retreats:

Voices Of Exile (four retreats looking at prophets of exile)

Jesus On The Land, Jesus On The Sea, Jesus In The Desert (three retreats looking at the contribution of locale to overall gospel aims).

The Three Marys - looking at three of the characters called Mary in the gospel traditions.

When I Am The “Other” - retreats looking at how biblical text speaks to individuals who find themselves on the margin.

Silent Retreats. Since 2004, I have, together with a dedicated team of volunteers, run weekend silent retreats. These are hosted at Corrymeela and there are two per year. Contact me for more information.

Chaos and Creation - a three day preached retreat looking at the presence of chaos as a formative motif throughout many of the Genesis narratives.

The Goodness Of Forgiveness. Exploring the complicated art of forgiveness as a model for human dignity.

How Do You Spell Hell? Readings from texts, storytellers, poets and theologians on the topic of hell.

Where Jesus Is The Greathearted Gather - a retreat looking at the interpersonal style of Jesus as depicted in the gospel traditions.

Five Wise Women - using five of the women of Luke’s narrative to explore introductory understanding of Ignatian practice.

The Protestant And The Prostitute - a retreat looking at using Ignatian methods of prayer and imagination with young people.

Holding The Tension Wisely - a retreat looking at interpersonal tension, and how it can be used creatively rather than destructively.

Land, Politics And Religion. A retreat for school chaplains and RE teachers looking at the political landscape of the gospel era, and using this to speak about contemporary questions of land, occupation and faith.

Who Do You Say That I Am? A series of retreats looking at questions of identity for LGBT people, where first-person-narrative is used to speak positively about identity.

Blessed are the Brave. A series of retreats for LGBT affirming faith leaders.