I am happy to consider any requests for engagement in public events. In general, I enjoy using a mixture of poetry, story, analysis and group interaction in public engagements. I am happy working in places of the arts, faith and mediation.  

Previous examples:

Welcoming the Neighbour - an opening speech for the launch of Changing Attitude Ireland's Welcoming LGBT persons to your Faith Community leaflet. 

Greenbelt contributor, 2004-2012. The Greenbelt Festival is an annual gathering of 17,000+ participants for the purpose of celebrating spirituality in the arts, media, social justice and music. I have contributed poetry, art and theological reflection to this on an annual basis. Audio of Greenbelt talks available here.

Keynote speeches:

  • LGBT stories and the Faith story.
  • Is the Gospel good news for LGBT people? from Love Across the Spectrum. Video here.
  • Mediation in LGBT Dialogue.
  • Windows on marginalisation and the experience of the Other.
  • Mediative approaches to LGBT lives and stories in the public faith arena.
  • Truth, and other vulgar things.
  • The place of story in contemporary society.
  • Grief.
  • Reading our Stories, Telling our Stories.