Public conversations with and about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender lives are often both unfruitful and predictable. It is unfortunate that informed disagreement - let alone meaningful dialogue - is often unreached.  My practice and research in this field of dialogue brings group theory, story and gospel narrative together for the purpose of helping groups encounter and engage with each other on a level of understanding, lived experience and belief. The public project work is mainly focused in Ireland and Scotland, with some research focused on Uganda.  


The theoretical and research components of this work are part of a PhD research project at the Belfast campus of the Irish School of Ecumenics, under the supervision of Dr. David Tombs. 

Public Project:

The public project takes the form of the following:

  • Running retreats for LGBT people.
  • Developing safe and fruitful models of engagement influenced by Public Theology, Mediation and Group Theory
  • Convening forums of LGBT affirming faith leaders.
  • Engaging with teachers, youth workers, religious leaders, community representatives and the wider public for the purpose of safe, meaningful and fruitful dialogue about the safety and contribution of LGBT people.
  • Holding mediative spaces for people who disagree about LGBT lives to dialogue meaningfully and fruitfully together.
  • Research on the worldwide trend of increasing criminalisation of LGBT people.
  • Theological exploration of models of argument.
  • Speaking and teaching about how the gospel can influence dialogues with and about LGBT people.

Writings and publications from previous projects:

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