Uganda’s legisation: shame for Christians everywhere. Dec 20, 2013

So the Ugandan parliament has passed a slightly amended version of the anti-gay bill. Where before the bill punished ‘aggravated homosexuality’ was punishable by the death penalty, the amended bill, which passed, legislates for life imprisonment. The original bill (2009) can be read here. What has passed this week is slightly amended.


Cardinal Keith O Brien has resigned. This is making the news, as well it should. In the last week, the Observer reports that he has been accused by four men - three priests and the fourth a former priest - of having made inappropriate approaches to them. He has now resigned and it is difficult to read that resignation as anything other than an acknowledgement of the truth of the stories of the four men. In his statement at resignation, the Cardinal apologised to any people he had let down. His resignation had already been tendered in advance of the story coming to light.