Scotland Together - church resources for dialogue

Over the past year or two I've been honoured to know and work with Place For Hope - a mediation body in Scotland who have done work in local communities on matters to do with diversity, sectarianism, religious disagreement and dialogue. Their work, in partnership with many other civic and religious organisations in Scotland, is tremendous. 

Just prior to the election results, Place for Hope released a resource for civic dialogue among faith communities in Scotland.  I was delighted to contribute an idea or two to this resource. This "reconciliation beyond referendum" publication is intended to be used by Churches and other faith groups who wish to discuss the issues raised during the Scottish independence campaign - issues of civic participation, national identity, disagreement etc. One of the notable characteristics of this campaign was how diverse the debates and voting patterns were. This led to vibrant democracy, and, now that the voting is ended, leaves space for continued meaningful dialogue. 

The resource is linked here - as well as by clicking on the image.