Sam's House - an essay in Image Journal (issue #100)

Photo of Holden Village from their website.

Photo of Holden Village from their website.

Last summer, I was delighted to visit Holden Village - a retreat centre in the Cascade Mountains in the USA. While there, I — why, oh why do I do this — said that I’d do a children’s talk. Those damned things (children’s talks, not actual children) cause me more anxiety than anything else I do. Anyway, it happened.

When Image Journal wrote to ask if I’d write about friendship, I knew what I’d want to write about. I wrote an essay called “Sam’s House” which you can find on their website here.

Holden Village runs weeklong summer schools every year, with visiting faculty exploring anything from Black Holes to Poetry to Politics to Theology. Their summer 2019 listings are here.

Image Journal - a journal of arts and theology - is an extraordinary publication, celebrating its 30th year this year. You can find more about them here.