Mediation and Mindfulness - a course run by Mediation NI, May-Nov 2014


The good folks at Mediation Northern Ireland are about to run a course on Mediation and Mindfulness called "The Mediative Presence".


The course goes from May 8th-Nov 13th, and is funded by the Big Lottery Social Partnership funds, so is free of charge to those who can attend. 

The programme originated in 2012 from a review of our work in MNI where we decided to explore the impact of the mediator on both mediation and peacebuilding processes. In particular we began exploring both nonviolent communication and mindfulness as ways of being a peaceful presence in the midst of conflict.
Around the same time Thich Nhat Hanh had visited Stormont and invited politicians and citizens to develop more mindful responses to peacemaking.
In December 2013 these two concurrent explorations connected and ‘The Mediative Presence’ emerged.
— From the write-up to the course.


If you're interested in applying, you can find more information (including dates) here and if you know you're interested, you can fill in the enrolment form.