Maranatha - a lament from me and the Prophet Jeremiah.

A few years ago I recorded an album of poetry and some music in an album called "Hymns to Swear By. Here's "Maranatha" -  the track that inspired the album's title. It's yours, for free, because I stole most of the words from the prophet Jeremiah, including the strong language. Other sounds here.

This is quite unlike any one single thing I have heard before. Perhaps a 21st Century Celtic take on Damien Rice meets Bob Geldof meets John Michael Talbot, half the time sans guitar... In English and Gaelic, Hymns is at once a lament, a call to the deep, a protest and a critique.

In its raw, straight from the heart approach, he explores the sense of exile many of us carry around, as only a true poet can....This holding and comfort is one expression of the poet’s empathy. But so is protest... The inverse power demonstrated by the powerless is never more evident....If you are a seeker, if you have been involved and no longer feel a sense of belonging, if you are disillusioned, if you are sick of the ubiquitous “Light”, let Ó Tuama’s shadowy, lilting cadences serenade you.

And if you have failed, this collection is your balm. The sacred and profane brew that is “Maranatha” is no doubt a key to the album’s title.
— Nic Paton