New poem - Makebelieve

I’m thrilled to have a new poem — Makebelieve — featured on the American Academy of Poets website. With thanks to Jen Benka for featuring this poem there. This piece comes from the forthcoming collection There Is No Such Thing As The Past.


And on the first day god made something up. Then everything came along: seconds, sex and beasts and breaths and rabies; hunger, healing, lust and lust’s rejections; swarming things that swarm inside the dirt; girth and grind and grit and shit and all shit’s functions; rings inside the treetrunk and branches broken by the snow; pigs’ hearts and stars, mystery, suspense and stingrays; insects, blood and interests and death; eventually, us, with all our viruses, laments and curiosities; all our songs and made-up stories; and our songs about the stories we’ve forgotten; and all that we’ve forgotten we’ve forgotten; and to hold it all together god made time and those rhyming seasons that display decay.