Hello to delight. Hello to hearing from eight-year-olds.

One of the joys of having a website is that folks get in touch. Last week, I got the following email from a teacher in the United States. I asked if I could reprint it and she said of course. 

The book In the Shelter is punctuated with "Hello": Hello to here; hello to darkness; hello to the things we cannot change; hello to the need for change. (Actually, originally I was planning on calling the book "Hello".)  I love how one idea sparked another idea in this teacher and she  - like all good teachers - made it better and made delight with her class of eight and nine year olds. 


I am a third grade teacher in Ventura, CA, USA. I shared with my students your "Hello to..." in your book. Their "Hello to..." are so beautiful and poetic! I wanted to share a couple with you and just to let you know the positive difference you are making in the world!

Jack: Hello to the neighbor who never comes out.
Lucas: Hello to the book that was never opened.
Hazel: Hello to kindness that spreads all through.
Bailey: Hello to books the thing filled with story.
Lily: Hello world the home you give us.
Phoebe: Hello to markers coloring free on a blank piece of paper.
Elohra: Hello to calendars that are used to see the date.
Lauren: Hello to curiosity with the outer world to explore.
Hello to storybooks with pages so bright.