Preaching at Coventry Cathedral - text


This weekend, I had the honour of preaching at Coventry Cathedral. The text for the sermon is available by clicking this link. 

There is a wonderful short film about Coventry Cathedral embedded below. The work and the buildings are testament to the human arts of survival and how theology, imagination and love can be embedded both in architecture and shared faith.  Corrymeela Community and Coventry Cathedral are old friends - with support, sharing and solidarity going back decades. Corrymeela is part of the Community of the Cross of Nails and we are honoured that our house that homes our volunteers is called 'Coventry' due to the significant funding we received from our friends at Coventry for the volunteer houses. 

We are honoured to be part of a yearly celebration of our centres' shared commitment to  peace and reconciliation and look forward to ways in which our friendships and shared projects can flourish. Coventry Cathedral's Ministry of Reconciliation is under the leadership of Canon Pastor Kathryn Fleming (@coventrycanon) and we are also honoured to have  a long standing friend in David Porter (@baldynotion), the director for Reconciliation in the Archbishop of Canterbury's staff who also works from the Cathedral at Coventry. 

Following the destruction of Coventry’s medieval Cathedral in 1940 a charred cross was erected behind the altar amid the ruins and later the inscription “Father Forgive” was made on the stonework. Three of the roof nails were put together into the form of a cross (the Cross of Nails) and this later became the symbol for an international movement of healing and reconciliation, at first between Dresden and Coventry but later extending to a world-wide network of Cross of Nails Centres.

Corrymeela became a Cross of Nails in September 1971 and the first Coventry House was largely funded by the Coventry Cathedral Cross of Nails Network under the inspiration of Provost Williams and Canon Horace Dammers. It was opened in 1976.
— David Stevens on the opening of the refurbished Coventry House