Certificate in Lectio Divina Facilitation at Drumalis

The lovely folks at Drumalis Retreat Centre in Larne are offering a two year course in Lectio Divina Facilitation. This certificate course, validated by St. Mary's University in Belfast, gives instruction in the practice and leading of Lectio Divina, a gentle way of using scripture reading and the imagination in prayer. Lectio is an ancient form of prayer, and is appealing to people from across many Christian traditions. The course outline can be found here and the dates for the 2014/2015 course can be found here


Drumalis is a gorgeous location, and lends itself warmly to practicing and learning this method of reflection. I've a small vested interest in that I teach a few days on the course, but I'd recommend it even if they fired me. The team who run the centre are warm, welcoming and very skilled at facilitation, leadership and teaching.  You can contact them here.

For me Lectio has been a breath of fresh air, a breath of life. I had heard of the concept before but had never been attracted to using it. When I began the course in January 2013 it was a study journey and only that. But I realised quickly that it was not just a study journey, but an awareness of God’s presence in all things, in all situations, a way of life.
— Participant from last year's cohort
The journey I have made over the last 18 months using the system and process of Lectio in prayer and work hasn’t been easy, it’s been challenging but very rewarding. Through Lectio I’ve been guided by God into areas and situations I never expected to find myself in, doors have been opened and people of different faith share their deepest thoughts. I will continue to use Lectio as a way of building cross community relations.
— Participant from last year's cohort