Audio - Ten minutes on "Liberties" from Xchange 2014

On Thursday and Friday I attended the first Xchange summer school. The 2 day event brought speakers and participants together to talk about social change in Northern Ireland, and particularly sought to reframe the starting points for conversations. Our topics were the Arts, the Media, Liberties and History. I heard the inputs on both the Arts and the Media, and thoroughly enjoyed the event. I gave short input - embedded below thanks to the magnificent Alan Meban  - on Liberties from an LGBT perspective. 

One of the other speakers was Lauren Elkin, a writer and scholar working in modern literature and feminist analysis of social space. She's from New York City and lives in Paris. Her talk on 'The City as Gendered Space' was magnificent. 

This was the first of a series of annual events run by Xchange.  You can find more information on the website or by searching for the hashtag #xss14 on twitter. 

Alan Meban works as a freelance journalist. Thoughts on cinema, books and technology can be found here and his interviews and analysis on matters political can be found here