Recent topics for lectures, retreats and courses:

  • Poetry and Form - from the sonnet to free verse.

  • Poetry and Conflict Resolution: exploring conflict resolution through the lens of contemporary poetry.

  • Emily Dickinson and Time; the Past, Present and Future collide.

  • Poetry and Prayer: gathered around the centre. Exploring Collect and Liturgy through the lens of poetic form.

  • Storywork: using narrative processes for group learning and advocacy.

  • In praise of the Secular.

  • Exorcisms, Demonisation and Reparative Therapy. Violent responses to LGBT people in contemporary practice.

  • Monsters and Devils and Demons, oh my! Personas of evil in religion and poetry, and how we use them.

  • Reading the gospels through the lens of contemporary poetry.

  • Games of Power in the conflicts of the gospel. 

  • Jesus would have been a Shit Mediator and other stories.

  • Why I hate most Celtic Spirituality.

  • Loneliness and Leadership: poetry and practices for courageous leadership.

  • In praise of the particular: story and its capacity to change a world. 

  • Interpersonal dynamics of conflict.

  • Reconciliation, Trauma, Arts and Religion in the context of post-colonial conflict resolution.

Extended bio:

Pádraig Ó Tuama is a poet, theologian and conflict mediator from Ireland. From 2014-2019 he was the leader of the Corrymeela Community, Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation community. His published work incorporates poetry (Readings from the Book of Exile; Sorry for your Troubles), prose (In The Shelter) and theology. 

A profoundly engaging public speaker, Ó Tuama has worked with groups to explore story, conflict, their relationship with religion and argument, and violence. Using poetry, group discussion and lectures, his work is marked both by lyricism and pragmatism, and includes a practice of evoking stories and participation from attendees at his always-popular lectures, retreats and events. 

Ó Tuama has been a featured guest on On Being with Krista Tippett twice, and is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio on topics such as Religion in the public square, Loneliness, Conflict and Faith, LGBT inclusion, Reparative Therapy and the value of the Arts in public life. 

For Ó Tuama, religion, conflict and poetry all circle around language, that original sacrament. In the context of public theology, he takes the received form of biblical texts and explores the civic and artistic dynamics of language, narrative and impact in these stories. He holds a BA Div validated by the Pontifical College of Maynooth, an MTh from Queen’s University Belfast and is currently engaged in a PhD in Theology through Creative Practice exploring poetry and the bible. In addition to these qualifications, Ó Tuama has numerous professional accreditations in conflict and group mediation.